Relocation Alert: If Your Buyer's Are Not Satisfied with Their Home Purchase, "WE'LL BUY IT BACK!"*

A common problem most relocation managers have is choosing the right real estate agent to refer their transferees.  We can solve this dilemma by handling your inbound and outbound transferees across North America. Instead of making two calls to facilitate a referral, you make one call to The Blackwood Team and get guaranteed results and referral fees. 

Our Guaranteed Buyer Services: If your buyer is not happy with their home purchase, we'll buy it back!* When you refer a buyer to The Blackwood Team, we strive to find them the perfect home -- one they'll be happy with for years to come. You see, we have many unique systems for our buyers which allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what they are looking for and help them beat out other buyers to the best new listings.

We go the extra mile for our buyers - even AFTER they have purchased their home!  If, for whatever reason, they become dissatisfied with the home they purchase within 24 months, we'll buy it back from them!*

*Here's how it works. When your relo buy's a home through The Blackwood Team:

1. If, for whatever reason, they become dissatisfied with their home purchase within 24 months, I guarantee to sell their present home before they take possession of their next one, or I will buy it myself for an upfront guaranteed price which I'll give them in writing.

2. If they receive an offer that is higher than the guaranteed price from an outside buyer, they get the higher offer, not me.

This means that when your relo buyer purchases through The Blackwood Team, they can do so knowing there's a safety net under them. If they are not happy with their home purchase within 24 months, we'll buy it back!

Our Guaranteed Seller Services: Your Sellers home will sell at a price acceptable to them or we'll buy it.*

We are known in our market places as the agents who guarantee the sale of homes. For almost 20 years, we have been guaranteeing the sale of sellers homes.  Here's How it works:

We will present the sellers home for sale to our data base of buyers in waiting, our city wide buyer agents network as well as our Platinum referral network. In the unlikely event their home does not sell within the marketing term, we'll step in and buy their home for their upfront guaranteed price.* There are some conditions of course.  

To receive a free report which explains The Blackwood Team's Exclusive Relocation Services in more detail, how you can get "guaranteed referral fees" and a list of North American Cities we service, please fill out your contact information.  The report will be sent to you shortly. Thank you.

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